Supporting Our Community


And the Neighbors and Communities that we Serve

We love our home. That’s why we work hard every day to make it a warm, welcoming place for everybody to live, learn, laugh and play. Learn more about how the Y is impacting your community every day. 


Today, the YMCA is transforming to better address the issue of social inequality and a profound lack of resources and opportunity for many. The Y is about improving us…all of us. Strengthening community is our cause.

Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Our Vision: To be a vibrant and inclusive community that provides hope, access, and belonging where all are prepared to succeed, live and lead with a sense of purpose.

Our Actions: Every day, the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh works to close the achievement gap, eliminate health disparities, ensure food security and provide aid to financially struggling families. This is not a job any organization can do alone.

At the Y, we’ve always known that positive change only comes about when we invest in our kids, our health and our neighbors.

All of our programs and community initiatives fall into one or more of the following focus areas.


The YMCA is committed to building strong communities by providing resources for families to live their safest and healthiest lives. We assist families in battling chronic diseases and obesity, eliminating risk of drowning and preventing child abuse.


We believe that ALL children and teens have potential. Thanks to the YMCA, more young people are taking a greater interest in learning and making smart life choices.


We know that together we are stronger. The YMCA is committed to addressing critical social issues and helping all people learn, grow and thrive. Communities are stronger when everyone has the opportunity to succeed.