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Connect in Ways You Never Imagined

The YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh's Y Adventure Guides program focuses on strengthening the father-child relationship through one-on-one activities. It’s through these shared experiences that fathers and their children grow closer and form memories that last a lifetime.



We're just about ready to begin registration for the 2021-22 Y Guides program year! We can't wait for another class of dads and kids to join us. Through Y Guides, you will build upon your relationship with your child while forming memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're brand new to the Y Guides program or you're back for more Y Guides fun with a younger child, we are delighted that you'll be joining us for an amazing journey. The 2021-22 program year will begin in the fall, but there are steps that you can take during the summer to set yourselves up for success.

The Y Guides program is action-oriented! Tribes meet twice per month with meetings typically includes fun activities such as games, crafts, and stories. The meetings help to organize monthly outings such as camping, community service projects, hiking, cookouts, and much more. Both the father and child receive awards and patches for their accomplishments throughout the year during special ceremonies.

In addition to the regular activities, all Y Guides tribes can participate in various larger events throughout the year. Y Guides' signature events include a Fall Outing at our Y camps, local park clean-up day, archery, scavenger hunts, fun evenings of campfire with songs, spooky stories, and other exciting surprises! 

Find the Tribe below perfect for your family!

Interested in joining a tribe? For more questions and information

Kim Black | Youth and Family Program Director | kblack@ymcapgh.org | 412 489 3226






The Adventure Guides program will work to…

  • foster companionship, understanding and set a foundation for positive, lifelong relationships between father and child
  • build a sense of self-esteem and personal worth
  • expand awareness of body, mind, and spirit
  • provide a framework to meet a mutual need of spending enjoyable, constructive, and quality time together
  • enhance the quality of family time
  • emphasize the vital role that parents play in the growth and development of their children
  • enable your family to meet other families with children of the same age

What is a TRIBE and what are the obligations?

Tribes are a group of friends and their fathers. Typically they are composed of seven to ten father/child pairs. Most tribes meet about twice a month.  The Chief (circle leader) plans a monthly meeting at someone’s home and the YMCA Adventure Guide Director plans multiple, fun activities throughout the year as well.

Who joins a Tribe?

Adventure Guides is for boys and girls k-12th grade and their fathers or a meaningful male role model in their life.

How do I join a Tribe?

There are two ways to join. One you bring your own tribe by gathering a group of friends from school, church, sports, or the neighborhood. The other way is to contact Kim Black by calling 412 489 3226 or emailing her at kblack@ymcapgh.org and letting her know that you and your child(ren) are interested in joining Adventure Guides - or click here and join online.

Remember that your child may be spending the next three or more years with these children. Include your child in the process by asking them who they really like spending time with.

We're looking forward to an amazing year of Y Guides. Be on the lookout for continued updates and info. See you soon!