Board Volunteers


Strengthen Your Community, Provide Your Expertise

Each neighborhood YMCA branch has its own volunteer Advisory Board which helps create and support the branch’s strategic direction by providing local leadership. Our staff and volunteers work together to impact the communities we serve.

There are many benefits of volunteering including learning new skills, sharing your knowledge and expertise, meeting new people, finding a place to belong and making new friends all while helping your community improve its overall health. All volunteers receive training to ensure safe and efficient operations in our child care, camp, youth, special events and health and fitness programs.


Becoming a volunteer at the YMCA is a simple three-step process: 

  1. Apply
  2. Gather and Submit Clearances/Disclosures
  3. Complete Trainings (where applicable)

All three steps must be completed before any volunteer activities can be undertaken. 


The YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh relies on three types of volunteers:

  1. Program volunteers: individuals involved in coaching, teaching, and program delivery. 
  2. Policy volunteers: members of branch and camp advisory boards.
  3. Event volunteers: individuals assisting at a stand-alone, one-time event or activity i.e., at the Y’s food distribution programs, or at events such as a race, day of caring, special event, or fundraiser.

All volunteers must first complete a Volunteer Application. Applicants will be contacted by a member of the Mission Advancement team and directed to start gathering the appropriate clearances as detailed in the table below.

Please complete the following forms to become a volunteer today.


Every Y branch has an advisory board made up of community leaders devoted to making their Y a better place. We’re always looking for good people willing to devote their time and talents to our cause. Please let us know if you’re interested.

The YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh is governed by our Association Board of Directors. These people work tirelessly fostering relationships and building the support it takes to address the needs of every Pittsburgh community we serve.