Our SUSTAININGSOCIETY vision is a positive one. We believe the Greater Pittsburgh community can be vibrant and inclusive, providing hope, access, and belonging, where all are prepared to succeed and lead with a sense of purpose. Our work is focused on two areas of work and investment: Equity and Inclusion

We are asking you to become a sustaining donor and provide us with ongoing, consistent support that allows us to focus on the task at hand: providing equitable access to critical services and advocating for ALL. We know that our impact is felt when an individual makes a healthy choice, when a mentor inspires a child and when a community comes together for the common good. 


Your gift is automatically billed each month, and you never have to remember whether or not you donated this year, find a stamp, write a check, etc.


Join our group of like-minded individuals focused on leading change.


Becoming a sustaining donor means you're making a commitment to the local community and ensuring a future positive change.


Fight hunger and ensure every family has access to nutritious foods. Just $5 a month will help sustain the Y's food banks, emergency food deliveries and childcare lunch programs that are essential to thousands of neighbors and friends in need.


Support our brothers, fathers and friends who have experienced significant hardships and found their way to the Allegheny Y Residence. Just $10 a month will help sustain a supportive community for our low-income men where they will always find comfort, di


Ensure a child has access to supported learning in a safe environment that encourages healthy habits for a bright future. Just $25 a month will help sustain the Y's childcare programs that help families in need during these uncertain times and prepare you


Drive social progress by ensuring EVERYONE, regardless of race, age, income or background, may participate in the full array of Y programming that encourages everyone to learn, grow and thrive. Just $50 a month will help sustain the Y's mission work that