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Members understand that all changes affecting their monthly draft, (i.e. billing information, holds, downgrades, termination) require a 15 day written notice before their next draft date. Any error must be identified no later than 60 days from the posted bank statement date. The YMCA is not responsible for errors occurring later than 90 days from the date of the initial error. The YMCA draft is a continuous membership plan. Memberships will remain in effect until properly terminated with the YMCA. The YMCA may, at their discretion, adjust the monthly membership rate applicable to the category of membership. Members will receive at least a 30 day notice of the change before a debit occurs at the new rate. The primary membership holder is fully responsible for their membership and for all persons associated with their membership including their knowledge of the aforementioned policies and liability waiver. Member is reponsible for providing accurate contact information including updated address, phone number, email address and billing information including expiration date and account information.

YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh reviews members and guests against the National Registry of Sex Offenders. All new members and guests over the age of 18 must present a valid photo ID to use a YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh facility or participate in a program. Failure to present a valid ID upon request may result in denied access until a valid photo ID is produced.

Upon joining, members are required to have their photo taken for identification purposes and will receive a membership scan card. You must present it each time you enter the building for access to the facility. Lost membership cards should be reported to the Welcome Center. Replacement cost for a lost membership card is $5. Membership cards are to be used by the assigned member only; your membership privileges are at risk if you allow others to use your card. You may be asked to present photo ID at any time to verify your membership. A photo must be connected to a membership card to be valid. Download our official YMCA of GREATER PITTSBURGH app today and have your membership card right on your phone! Plus, access group exercise class schedules, discover programming options including youth sports and wellness, be alerted to any changes in the facility and more. Visit the Welcome Center today for more details, or download now through the App Store or Google Play.


BANK DRAFT – Monthly dues are automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account each month. Outstanding balances must be reconciled upon rejoining. Fifteen (15) days written notice, prior to your next membership draft, is required for bank draft changes.

CREDIT CARD DRAFT - Monthly dues are automatically withdrawn from your credit or debit card each month. Outstanding balances must be reconciled upon rejoining. Fifteen (15) days written notice, prior to your next membership draft, is required for credit card changes.

SEMIANNUAL & ANNUAL PAYMENTS – Payments are equal to the total of six or twelve monthly payments. These payments are non-refundable.

RETURNED PAYMENTS A $35 returned payment fee will be applied for any item returned by a financial institution.

We offer membership holds to our members who, due to medical need, financial reasons or other unforeseen circumstances, are not able to use their membership. Memberships can be placed on temporary hold for up to 3 months in a calendar year. There is a 15-day notice needed to stop the bank draft. Membership will automatically resume after the hold ends. The one-time admin - istrative fee to place your membership on hold is $10. Members also have the option of designating their membership dues to the YMCA Annual Campaign while on temporary hold. The benefit to the member is a charitable tax deduction and the adminis - trative fee will be waived. Administrative fees are not charged to members who use this option due to continuation of draft.

As a member of the Y, you do not have to sign a membership contract and you may end your membership at any time with 15 days written notice, prior to your next scheduled membership draft. All members wishing to terminate need to do so in person by completing the termination form. Terminations will not be accepted by phone. If you are terminating due to financial reasons, please ask to speak with our Member Services Director about financial assistance through the Membership For All program. Members who are being bank-drafted or credit card-drafted have 90 days past their last anticipated draft day to notify the Y of any discrepancy. The YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh is unable to issue refunds or credits for non-usage of the facility. Memberships are non-transferrable.

Members are encouraged to bring guests. There is an annual limit of two visits per guest per year. An adult member (age 18 or older) must accompany all guests; photo ID is required, and guests must complete a waiver.

Membership status changes – Changes to your membership, including additions and deletions and change in membership type must be processed at the Welcome Center in writing. Bank draft changes or cancellations must be processed in writing 15 days prior to your draft date.Family Memberships apply to households with a maximum of two adults residing at the same address and children residing at the same address who are up to the age of 24 if a full time student and up to the age of 18 if not a student. Photo ID may be required.

Most classes offered at the YMCA are included with your membership; however, some classes have additional fees that require payment at the time of registration. Cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express are accepted at most locations.

Class cancellation – If a fee-based program or class is cancelled by the YMCA, or the member cancels one week prior to the start of the program, a full refund or credit (member’s choice) will be offered. Credit will be given to participants who cancel their registration prior to the second fee based class or program. No credits can be given after the program begins.

At no time will YMCA staff or volunteers take control of or carry a weapon. If a member or guest enters an off-site program area and discloses they have a concealed weapon, they will need to return to their vehicle or residence and secure their weapon. It will not be allowed on site.

  • Carrying or concealing any weapon or device/object that can be used as a weapon is strictly prohibited on YMCA properties.
  • If a member or guest enters a YMCA off site program, all weapons must be secured in their vehicle.
  • Excludes law-enforcement Personnel.

Use of cameras and cell phones is not allowed in the locker room or bathroom areas. Photos and videos must not be taken without permission.

Please safeguard your belongings while on YMCA premises. Please keep items left in car out of sight and securely locked. The Y is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

In the event of inclement weather, the YMCA will make every effort to continue services at our branches and throughout our programs. However, in certain conditions when safety becomes a concern, branch closures and program cancellations may be necessitated. Information regarding building closures will be publicized through the Y app, social media sites, email and TV.

All emergency exits are clearly marked; please familiarize yourself with their locations. If the fire alarm does sound, please stop all activity and exit the building.