While performing workout sets, be mindful of others waiting. Allow other members to perform a set while you are resting. Use machines for their intended purpose only. Report any non-working equipment to the Welcome Center staff. Refrain from banging or dropping weights. Wipe off machines and equipment when you are finished. Be considerate of your neighbor. Please refrain from using profanity, making loud noises, or other inappropriate horseplay. Always use headphones when listening to music.

Personal Belongings – Bags, jackets and other items must be kept in a locker or cubby at all times. The Y is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Beverages must be contained in closed, plastic or metal bottles.

Please be considerate:

  • Shirts, shorts, pants and closed-toe athletic shoes are appropriate attire for activity areas. Midriffs must be covered. No blue jeans allowed on the wellness floor.
  • Members ages 12-14 must complete a Wellness Center orientation.
  • Members must be 12 years of age or older to be in the wellness area.
  • Remember to return plates and dumbbells to their racks after use.
  • While using weight equipment, please remember to release the weight gently. It gives you a better workout and avoids damage to the equipment. No banging or dropping weights.
  • Be courteous and disinfect equipment after use. Do not spray disinfectant directly onto the cardiovascular equipment or electronic devices.
  • Respect others by limiting your use of cell phones in the Wellness Center. If you must take or make a call, please monitor your voice. Photos should never be taken of anyone without their expressed permission.
  • For all YMCA members, the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility are to be modeled at all times.


Saunas and steam rooms are available at select branches, and are available for use by any YMCA member age 18 or older. Bathing suits or shorts are required to be worn in these areas. Sauna suits or rubber suits are not allowed. Please see the posted regulations for the use of these at each location. No shaving in steam room or sauna.


A variety of activities are held in gymnasiums at select branches; see the Welcome Center or for a schedule of activities.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Inappropriate use of equipment (basketballs, nets, soccer balls, etc) is prohibited.
  • No food or non-water drinks are allowed in the gymnasium.
  • Dunking or hanging from rims and nets is not allowed.
  • Participants must wear appropriate non-marking shoes. No black-soled or hard-soled shoes or flip flops may be worn on gym floors. No food or drink other than water allowed.
  • Players will act in an appropriate manner; profanity, spitting, unsportsmanlike conduct, provocative language and/or actions are prohibited.
  • The Y is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.


Lockers are available for daily use during your visit to the Y. Members are asked to leave their valuables at home. If you bring valuables, please secure your belongings in a locker in the appropriate locker room. Locks are strongly advised but are not provided by the Y.

  • Adult locker rooms are for use by women and men age 18 and over. Please note that children and infants are not to use the adult locker rooms.
  • Boys' and girls’ locker rooms where available are reserved for use by minors age 6-17 and accompanying parent/guardian.
  • Parents or guardians with children under the age of six or accompanied by an opposite-sex child 6 years of age or younger must use the family locker room (where available).
  • Adults must use the Women’s or Men’s locker room if their child is over the age of 6 years. Men are not permitted in the boys' locker room or family locker room unaccompanied by their child. Women are not permitted in the girls’ locker room or family locker room unaccompanied by their child.
  • The family locker room is reserved for parents with children who require assistance to change, and for adults who require the assistance of another adult to change. Adults without children or those not assisting another adult in changing are encouraged to use the adult locker rooms.


A wide variety of group exercise classes are included at no additional charge as part of your YMCA membership. Individuals ages 12 and older at all fitness levels are welcome to participate. Registration is not necessary, and classes may be attended on a drop-in basis, except for specialty classes. Complete class schedule listings are available at the Welcome Center, online at or via the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh app. Class sizes may be limited and are first-come, first-served. Registration is required for fee based classes. YMCA instructors may recommend the removal of a member for safety issues or disruptive behavior.

Class Rules and Regulations

  • Class sizes may be limited and are first-come, first-served.
  • Do not enter classroom before designated class start time.
  • Do not enter a class late after the class has been in session for more than 15 minutes.
  • Do not enter a class for equipment while a class is running and in session.
  • Wear appropriate attire.
  • Athletic shoes must be worn at all times unless directed by instructor.
  • Do not wear earphones while class is in session.
  • All conversation should be kept to a minimum or nonexistent while the instructor is leading a class.
  • If you must leave early, please stay to the back of the classroom.
  • You must be at least 12 years old to be in any classroom during class times. Exceptions include designated family and/or child classes.
  • After class is completed, all weights/equipment should be put away in a neat and orderly fashion.
  • Respect everyone’s personal space. Be encouraging and positive to others in the room.
  • Be respectful of the class being held; follow the instructor to the best of your ability.
  • Let the instructor know in advance of any injuries or special considerations.
  • Leave personal objects and bags in a locker. The Y is not responsible for your personal belongings.
  • Y instructors may recommend the removal of a member for safety issues or disruptive behavior.