• Please make sure to review all pool rules at the facility and direct any questions you may have to an Aquatic Director or Head Guard.
  • All Swimmers age 12 and under will be swim tested and required to wear a swim necklace identifying the level of swimming ability
  • The aquatic staff reserves the right to retest all swimmers to ensure proper swim necklace identification.

CLOSINGS (Weather and attendance related)

  • Outdoor Pools reserve the right to close the facility when there are fewer than 10 guests present for over an hour of time.
  • If the air temperature forecast is less than a high of 70 degrees, we will not open. 
  • If there is threatening weather, lightening, or thunderstorms the pools will close or possibly not open for the day.
  • See schedule and facility for other special hours and closings.


  • Rest periods are every 1 - 2 hours for safety reasons. Frequency will be at the discretion of pool management.
  • Each break will last at least 15 minutes. You are encouraged to use this time to reapply sunscreen, rehydrate and relax.
  • Adults 18 years or older may swim during rest periods.


  • We do not permit Non coast guard approved floatation devices, rafts and inflatables during normal operating hours.
  • See schedule and facility for special days, hours or events that these items are allowed.