Y Achievers Luncheon

Y Achievers Luncheon

Join us for our annual luncheon as we celebrate the amazing efforts of our Y Achievers and Adult Achievers.

Y Achievers is a national academic achievement and career development initiative of the YMCA of the USA purposed to help teens set and pursue high educational and career goals, resulting in graduation and acceptance to an institution of higher learning.

The Pittsburgh chapter of Y Achievers intentionally introduces teens in grades 7-12 to professionals who guide them through experiences - ranging from civic engagement, community service projects, and academic support - that ready them for life after high school, In Y Achievers, students make new friends, learn healthy lifestyle choices, and prepare for their future.

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Dr. Wes Bellamy is a former City Councilman in Charlottesville, Virginia and a Political Science Professor at Virginia State University. Dr. Bellamy’s primary focus is on improving the lives of those who lack resources and being a positive role model in their lives. He is a non-profit founder and executive, local activist, organizer, and civic leader who strives to connect young African American youth throughout the country.