New Grandma, Motivated by Diabetes Prevention Program, Learns to Swim

When I became a grandmother, I decided I needed to get healthy. Joining the YMCA DPP Program helped me improve my eating habits, reduce my fat intake and motivate me to exercise more. This tremendous resource, combined with the outstanding programs at the YMCA have been elemental to my success.

In looking over the YMCA programs, I saw they offered swimming lessons for adults at very reasonable prices and I decided to sign up. My first lesson, I was afraid to let go of the wall and even as I progressed, I always needed to be near the wall while learning.

Today, just a few months later and at the age of 54, I can swim in the middle lane. I now swim laps (even in water over my head!) and can really see a health improvement.

The ability to swim is an exercise and skill I can use for life. It is great for my arthritis, especially my hips and knees, and has come to be something I really enjoy and hope to further improve.

THANK YOU DPP for improving my lifestyle, to the YMCA for the awesome swim lessons, and to Ebony (Montgomery, Membership Director at Allegheny YMCA) and Bailey (Campbell, DPP Lifestyle Coach) for being great support coaches!

Locations: Allegheny YMCA