YMCA Child Development Center Duquesne University


A place to stay, a place to grow! The YMCA provides enriching experiences that help to facilitate a child’s cognitive, social, physical and emotional growth.

Learning at the YMCA is fueled by FUN and powered by excellent teachers! Our program offers early childhood education for infants through preschool and experienced staff ensure a welcome, loving, and educational environment. We are committed to providing exciting learning opportunities that nurture cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and creative development.

Children are like sponges—they watch and absorb knowledge, skills, and values from everything and everyone around them. At the Y, we believe the values and skills learned early on are vital building blocks for quality of life and future success. That’s why our child care, afterschool, and Child Watch programs are staffed with people who understand the cognitive, physical and social development of kids, the need children have to feel connected and supported in trying new things and the caring and reinforcement parents and families need to help each other. At the Y, babies develop trust and security, preschoolers experience early literacy and learn about their world and school-age kids make friends, learn new skills, and do their homework. Most importantly, children learn how to be their best selves. That makes for confident kids today, and contributing and engaged adults tomorrow.


Infant, Toddler, Preschool Child Care
112 Washington Place, Suite 110
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
United States

Child Care Director
Tracey Spear
412 852 4909

Tours, Registrations, Billing, and Payments
Tina Nellis
412 436 0983

Infant Care: 6 weeks to 17 months:

Interacting, learning, and growing! YMCA infant and toddler care programs feature a daily curriculum designed to meet the growth and developmental needs of each individual child. The Creative Curriculum has research-based objectives that focus on developmentally appropriate practices and how to offer to nurture daily routines and meaningful experiences for each child. At the Y, our staff will take great care of your infants and support you with daily updates to ensure that you are part of their experience.

Toddler Care: 18 months to 35 months:

Toddlers are busy and learning at a very fast pace. Our comprehensive Creative Curriculum focuses on responsive care and the routines and experiences that are essential for this age group. Self-help skills, including toilet training, are highly individual and complex. YMCA staff will work closely with parents through this experience.

Preschool: 36 months to 5 years:

The Creative Curriculum for preschool is a comprehensive, research-based approach that teaches children to be creative, confident thinkers through hands-on experiences. The ten content areas are social-emotional, language, physical, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, the arts and English language acquisition.

We support your family values and work with you to expand your child’s world. Mastering new, age-appropriate skills, your child will build on accomplishments. Learning through play provides a solid foundation they can take to kindergarten and beyond. Led by experienced and caring staff, kids at Duquesne University are encouraged to use their creativity, develop new skills and play with peers.